Live Arrival Guarantee

We guarantee that Dubia Roaches purchased from us will arrive alive as long as the below conditions are met. Even if the conditions are not met, if your Dubia Roaches do not come alive please contact us. We will try to work something out, depending on the situation.


  • The temperature must be between 40 and 80 degrees ferenheight at every location listed on tracking history. If your temperatures are too cold, purchase a heat pack and this will keep your guarantee intact no matter how cold the temperatures get.
  • The tracking must show that you accepted the delivery.
  • The condition of the Dubia Roaches must be clearly recorded and sent to us via our contact page within 2 hours of delivery confirmation stated by the tracking page.

Dead On Arrival (DOA) Claim

If your Dubia Roaches do not come alive, please reach out via our contact page with a your name, order number, and a video of the Dubia Roaches. We rarely ever experience any DOAs but if it does happen, we will make sure you are compensated.