This care sheet will teach you how to easily care for your Dubia Roaches.

All Dubia Roaches we sell are in peak condition, filled with nutrients for your critter. Once you receive our Dubia Roaches, it is now your job to ensure that they stay that way. Dubia Roach care is simple and will take very little time.


Optimal housing for Dubia Roaches is darkness, quietness, and temperatures around 50 to 80 degrees ferenheight (room temperature will do). Heat can be provided if you want your Dubia Roaches to grow, but is not necessary. Dubia Roaches are best housed in a small Tupperware container or sweater box with egg flats, paper tubes, or something similar inside for them to climb on. Make sure the enclosure has air holes and is not clear.


Dubia Roaches will eat almost anything but different foods WILL affect the health of your Dubia Roaches. We recommend using our house made Roach Chow to feed your Dubia Roaches. It is a combination of all the vital nutrients your feeder needs and is sold on the supplies page. Remember, what you put into your feeders matters because that then will go into your pet! As for hydration, water crystals are optimal and sold by us on our supplies page, but chopped vegetables work too. Just make sure you remove them before they start to mold. Mold is the killer of Dubia Roaches. We do not recommend using a water dish due to the fact that Dubia Roaches are notorious for drowning.


Dubia Roaches are hardy little bugs that don't require much maintenance to keep them alive. Despite this being the facts, you still want your Dubia Roaches to be in peak health when fed to your pet. You can achieve this by following the general guidelines above.